Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Here's the update from this blog where I first introduced this experiment.

Apparently, they were very easy to sprout. After few weeks, I have transplanted some of them.

It was too late for me to transplant them, I guess. As you can see, I can't separate them from each other anymore. This one is starting to turn yellow.

Based on this experiment, every seed will sprout. So you can sow seeds as little as possible. I am not expecting to harvest from my plants. I trust that it is not gonna be that easy, but I surely will try to nurture them as much as I could. I am preparing to turn my Yard of Weeds into a garden-bed, so the rest of my cantaloupe seedlings might end up there (as well as my tomatoes). I do have red soil (unfortunately), I have researched how to amend it, seems that it's a great hardwork. I'm considering doing the-planting-legumes-method, and see what happens.

Have a blast in your garden today!


  1. Hi Feyth,
    I would love to grow cantaloupe, but do not have the space. If you are unable to separate the little seedlings, trim off at the base the ones that are not healhty, remaining maybe two or three that are healthy looking, then it will be easier to separate them when they have grown a little bigger.

    1. I still have a bunch of seeds, I'll do that next time. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Wonderful job, feyth! May these cute little seedling continue to grow healthily :-)